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Infant Care in Silver Spring, MD

Give your tiny bundle of joy the best environment possible for cognitive development and emotional growth by choosing our program for infant care in Silver Spring, MD. The licensed child care professionals at One World Daycare understand how difficult it can be leaving your infant with a new face every morning. That is why our programs for toddler care and infant daycare are designed to keep you constantly in the loop about any major developments. The learning process begins the moment any baby is born, and every experience is a new moment of discovery. We give each and every infant the attention they need, and we fill their days with constructive opportunities to explore and learn. 

In order to be a success and provide for your family, you need the ability to focus on the job at hand. When you leave your infant or toddler in our capable hands, you have the freedom to excel at what you do, instead of spending your days worrying about the development of your child. Choose a toddler daycare that fills your child's day with conversations, silly songs, and simple joy.

Toddler Care at Their Speed

Help your growing child find their own sense of self through our safe and secure toddler care. As your little boy or girl goes from awkward walking to authoritative running, it can be difficult to keep up with their pace. Our program for toddlers is designed to help them understand their boundaries, without inhibiting the natural inclination to explore the world around them. 

There is a healthy way to be independent, and a clear way to express your feelings. Our program teaches toddlers about practical life activities, including pouring, sweeping, and operating buttons and zippers. They learn how to respect the space of others, and to ask nicely for things instead of snatching them away. 

Language Lessons and Infant Daycare

Start the process of language development as early as possible with our approach to infant daycare. As infants begin to enjoy the sound of their own voice, they begin the process of developing their own unique personalities. Through a multi-disciplinary approach to language development, children and infants are exposed to foreign languages and music as well. The earlier a child begins the process of learning other languages, the greater the fluency they can expect.

Happy Toddler with Toys

Toddler Daycare Focused on Etiquette

Give your child a clear understanding of how to express themselves by choosing our toddler daycare for your child care needs. This is a critical moment in your child's development as a productive member of society. Help them understand how to relate to others in a healthy and considerate way by placing them in our two-year-old care program today.

Contact us today and save money each month on infant care by taking advantage of child care credits offered by the state. We proudly serve parents and kids in Silver Spring, Colesville, Burtonsville, Cloverly, and Laurel, Maryland, and surrounding communities.