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About Our Daycare Center in Silver Spring, MD

Your child’s education is important, especially in the early stages. They need a place where their intellect and their personality is appreciated and nurtured. Choose a daycare center in Silver Spring, MD, that gives your children the environment they need to feel valued.

One World Daycare features an innovative approach to early childhood education that is adapted to the needs of both students and parents. Our team of educators has more than 100 years of combined experience, giving them insight on how best to approach learning with each student. You are sure to notice the difference between our facility and others the first time you visit.

We want to be there for you and your family throughout every step of your children’s early education. We spend a lot of time with the children in our preschool, and we want you to feel like we’re an extension of your family. Through ensuring students’ safety to helping them tackle the building blocks they’ll need for success in school, we provide a fun, safe, active learning environment.

Our team helps infants and toddlers develop into productive and successful school-aged students. We have served the early childhood educational needs of almost two generations of young minds, and we’re ready to make a difference in your young one.

Keep your child ahead of the developmental curve and give them a reason to smile every day by making our daycare center their home away from home. Our emphasis on learning through play and toddler etiquette sets the stage for a lifetime of achievement. Visit us and talk to our educators to start your children’s learning journey.



Maryland Standards and National Accreditation

While there are success stories about people from all walks of life, it’s well-understood that getting a solid educational foundation increases the likelihood of success later in life. When it comes to childcare providers in the area, you have a broad array of choices-but when you want to make early childhood education and later academic success a priority, our team is the smart choice.

We believe learning should be a fun experience, which is why we developed an approach to learning through play. If children take in new information in a fun or exciting way, they’re more likely to retain the information. They’re also more likely to view learning as fun in the future.

Let your toddler explore and experience as much as possible, all while easing them into the type of schedule they can expect when they start school. We develop personalized programs that help students learn in the ways that are most effective for them. With a focus on creative play in a dynamic environment, they’re better suited for life beyond our daycare center.

Place your children in a facility that is licensed by the state of Maryland, and give them the best chances for success by working with a team that is nationally accredited. From the moment they reach six weeks to the day they are ready for the sixth grade, we are here for you.

Daycare Center in Silver Spring, MD

Quality Childcare Shouldn’t Be a Privilege

The cost of childcare is a primary concern for many parents and we don’t want you to settle for subpar education because you feel like you don’t have the means to make early childhood education a priority. We know you want to do what’s best for your children, which is why we act as a WPA preschool.

WPA, or Working Parents Assistance, is a financial assistance program that looks at your family size and income to determine how much of a childcare subsidy you qualify for. We’re happy to talk to you about your payment options, so schedule a meeting with our staff.

A Nurturing Environment for the Students of Tomorrow

Come rain or shine, our team of compassionate caregivers is here for you and the kids you love. Focus on doing the best job you can to provide for your family while at work, and our team will give your kids the love and attention they need to become productive members of society.

At our daycare center, we do whatever we can to teach the minds that will shape the future. Start a conversation with one of our staff members about a personalized plan for development. Let us work with the state of Maryland to determine if you qualify for childcare assistance programs, so you don't have to sacrifice quality care just to match your available budget.

Contact us today for more information about the programs at our daycare center, and see if you qualify for our military discount. We proudly serve parents and kids from Silver Spring, Colesville, Burtonsville, Cloverly, and Laurel, Maryland, and surrounding communities.