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Four-Year-Old Care in Silver Spring, MD

Enroll today and prepare your child for the coming school year with our four-year-old care in Silver Spring, MD. Before you know it, your four-year-old will be in the home stretch, heading towards the first day of Kindergarten. Give them the competitive edge they need to thrive by continuing their care through our four-year-old preschool. One World Daycare features a broad array of discovery preschool programs, including our four-year-old daycare. We structure our four-year-old room in a way that prepares them for what they can expect in an actual Kindergarten class. Our interactive environment allows them to play in creative ways, while instilling a lifelong love of learning. Choose our four-year-old pre-K program and help your child develop the six essential functions of a successful student. The continuity they experience during their entire time at our preschool will serve them well when they enter grade school the following fall. Our school provides your child with academic challenges in a safe and secure environment. Your child receives the care and enrichment they need to thrive, at a better price than most.

Children Learning and Playing in Silver Spring, MD

A Four-Year-Old Preschool with Educational Play

Our four-year-old preschool program is designed to foster the development of six key areas they will need for a lifetime of learning. This daily schedule focuses on areas of function including:

  • Social
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Executive
  • Creative
  • Cognitive

Give your four-year-old the skills they need to take their Kindergarten class by storm. A classroom environment can be a stark contrast to the world that most nanny-supervised youngsters are used to. When your child completes our preschool program, they are prepared for the social and academic changes that are in store once grade school begins.

A Four-Year-Old Daycare with a Full Schedule

There is never a dull moment at our four-year-old daycare, and that is a good thing for most growing minds. We continually provide our students with new concepts and environments to explore.

Our program is designed to foster a complete individual, with segments covering the arts, mathematics, and science. They have the opportunity to develop their own unique personalities, and this will serve them well for years to come.

A Four-Year-Old Pre-K Program for a Complete Person

See the difference that our learning through play process makes when your child is enrolled in our four-year-old pre-K program. They get the tools they need, including physical, social, and cognitive development, so they never lag behind the rest of the class in Kindergarten. There is still a place for you at our development center once school begins, as we offer both before- and after-school care as well. Our team offers a wide variety of enrichment programs that enhance your growing child's educational experience. 

Contact us today if you have trouble making ends meet and need working parents assistance for your four-year-old care. We proudly serve parents and kids in Silver Spring, Colesville, Burtonsville, Cloverly, and Laurel, Maryland, and surrounding communities.