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One World Daycare
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Preschool in Silver Spring, MD

Make an investment in your child's future by choosing our preschool in Silver Spring, MD. One World Daycare gives every child in your family an opportunity to interact with others in their age group, while enjoying a day filled with constructive activities. Our preschool services are designed to give your child the tools they need to hit the ground running once they enter Kindergarten. 

A day filled with learning doesn't have to be a day free of fun. Your child gets a healthy balance of playtime and constructive learning opportunities with our preschool services. We believe in the idea of learning through play, as every student and child learns in a different way. These early years should be filled with smiles and laughs, in a safe, nurturing, and creative environment. 

Give your child the freedom to explore, while providing them with the structure they will need once school begins. Our facilitators have designed a schedule of activities that encourage healthy cognitive development that follows established standards. The first moments of social interaction can have a lasting impact on your child, so choose a team with the right approach to child care services.

Little Boy in a Classroom in Silver Spring, MD

Productive and Positive Preschool Services

Every parent has a basic set of priorities when it comes to the care their child receives during the day. You want your child to have a safe and secure environment where they feel valued and cared for.

Beyond that, you want to give your little one the essential building blocks for healthy social interaction and academic achievement. Our preschool services are designed to address all of these concerns and so much more.

Take an active role in your child's social and academic development by choosing a school that listens to your needs. Our team creates a customized program for your child that celebrates their strengths. Your child receives a high level of consistency throughout their years at our center, and our team maintains a solid line of communication with you and your family.

Child Care Services for Today's Active Tikes

A structured environment doesn't have to be a limitation for your child. The guidance and structure involved with our child care services are designed to encourage healthy interactions and teachable moments. From the moment they become a part of our infant care program, until the last days before middle school, our team is there with a caring smile and an encouraging word.

Contact us today if you have a child that wants to become a student at our preschool, and learn more about working parents assistance. We proudly serve parents and kids in Silver Spring, Colesville, Burtonsville, Cloverly, and Laurel, Maryland, and surrounding communities.