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Two-Year-Old Care in Silver Spring, MD

Take full advantage of this unique time in your child's life through our program for two-year-old care in Silver Spring, MD. As your two-year-old begins to speak and walk, they need a specialized approach to cognitive development and learning that only the experienced educators at One World Daycare can provide. These young minds are a proverbial vacuum of information and experience. This is also a precarious position for caregivers, as kids of this particular age tend to run the gamut of emotions during any part of the day. Our two-year-old preschool program gives them the flexibility to be themselves, while teaching them the healthiest ways to interact with parents and kids their own age.

Make our two-year-old daycare your home away from home, and provide your child with a safe and nurturing environment free of frustration and stress. Toddlers need structure when it comes to nap time and meals, and teething can make this a process fraught with pitfalls and dangers. Our two-year-old pre-K program will set the stage for a positive potty training experience, and days filled with healthy expressions of emotions.

Child Playing with Teacher in Silver Spring, MD

A Terrific Preschool for Two-Year-Olds

Navigate the negativity and emotional outbursts that come from living with the terrible twos by choosing our two-year-old preschool for care during the day. This developmental period is a cornerstone of your child's emotional wellbeing. They need a nurturing environment that helps them deal with their emotions in a healthy way. When your two-year-old goes through the period of constantly screaming no, we always reply with a positive, "yes."

Managing their moments of anger can help them learn the process of dealing with negative and unhappy thoughts. We help them understand the boundaries without inhibiting their natural inclination to explore and learn.

An Engaging Daycare Two-Year-Olds

Sharpen your child's understanding of abstract concepts and essential life lessons by making our two-year-old daycare your weekday destination. Our curriculum for this age group is designed to give them the constant communication they need to develop a larger and larger vocabulary. We also adapt their diet, so they are taking in less of the fats that are needed at an earlier age.

A Two-Year-Old Pre-K Program near You

Place your child in a two-year-old pre-K program that helps set the stage for a successful academic career. The more you talk with your toddler the better able they are to expand their basic thoughts into more complex sentences. This is why our interactive approach to story time is so essential. Through a combination of oral storytelling and interrogative interaction, your child has the opportunity to express themselves in a positive environment. They will also be ready to move on to our program for three-year-old care

Contact us today to take advantage of our sibling discount at the leading two-year-old care provider in our area. We proudly serve parents and kids in Silver Spring, Colesville, Burtonsville, Cloverly, and Laurel, Maryland, and surrounding communities.