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WPA Program in Silver Spring, MD

Get the educational support and enrichment your child deserves, even if your limited income is putting a strain on your budget. The team at One World Daycare will work closely with you to see if you are eligible for the WPA program in Silver Spring, MD. Depending on the size of your family, and your level of income, you could qualify for working parents assistance. 

Both the county and the state of Maryland offer separate programs for child care subsidies. The state has a vested interest in ensuring that children are cared for properly, and these programs provide families with varying levels of support. What was previously known as the POC program, or the Purchase of Care Program, is now known as Child Care Subsidy Central. 

Find the assistance you need with either of these programs, and give your child a foundation for future success. Our team can help you gather the essential documents needed for verification of wages and proof of identity, and this can streamline the process for you. Take advantage of the resources the state makes available to you, and see the difference it makes in the behavior and cognitive performance of your child. 

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Essential Working Parents Assistance

Families are eligible for the Working Parents Assistance program if they fall within the minimum and maximum income levels for a family of their size. This targeted level of assistance gives deserving parents and opportunity to get back on their feet and work, while providing for their child care needs.

Bring in any essential documents needed for verification of school attendance, child support payments, and residency, and we'll help you make sense of this process. Should your income fall below the minimums spelled out in the WPA process, there is another level of support you could qualify for.

Understanding the POC Program

The state of Maryland offers another child care subsidy program for low-income families that was previously known as the POC program. This purchase of care program operates through the Maryland State Department of Education, and is now known as the Child Care Subsidy Program.

Self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal of this state-run program, and it makes it possible for deserving families to afford the transformational enrichment we offer at our daycare center. Get infant and toddler care when it just isn't possible to stay home with the baby. Take advantage of this opportunity to level the playing field for your young bundle of joy. Focus on doing the best job you can at the office, so your child will have a brighter future in the classroom.

Contact us today to find out if you qualify for the WPA program, and take advantage of our additional discounts for siblings. We proudly serve parents and kids in Silver Spring, Colesville, Burtonsville, Cloverly, and Laurel, Maryland, and surrounding communities.